whats included?
Account Key Backup
Backup personal account key pairs
Open Shared Keys
Open files secured by other team members
AES-256 Encryption
Extra strong encryption
Mobile Apps
Access your encrypted files on your Android or iOS device
Secured Folders
Automatically secure new files in designated folders with a single click
Include Subfolders
Operate on all subfolders with Secured Folders and other operations
Key Sharing
Allow other users of AxCrypt to open secured files with their own password
Cloud Storage Awareness
Automatically secure an AxCrypt folder in Dropbox, Google Drive etc
Password Management
Keep all your passwords and other secrets safe in our cloud
File Wipe
Safe removal of files
Anonymous File Names
Hide the names of your secured files
Password Generator
Generate strong but relatively easy-to-remember passwords
Direct Support
Direct contact with support staff via e-mail or chat
  • Email setup for account owner

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  • Plan setup and payment

  • Done!